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MOTA replacement intercooler / exchanger for Seadoo 230/255/260/300 wat.. More details

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MOTA replacement intercooler / exchanger for Seadoo 230/255/260/300 watercraft but not that, it can be adapted on Yamaha 1.8 and Kawasaki Ultra


Ref: 010-7005

The cooling water circuit is made with materials insensitive to seawater such as a copper / nickel alloy, and brass to prevent any risk of water ingestion by the intake circuit. air. The MOTA marine heat exchanger is not just reliable, it protects your throttle body as well as your engine.

The MOTA marine heat exchanger body is made of cast aluminum to withstand air pressures well beyond the capacity of the compressor. At the end of the production line, each product is individually tested with pressurized helium to verify its tightness.

Air circuit: The MOTA marine heat exchanger is installed in place of the original one (except SEADOO IS). It must be installed with the flat ribbed part down, the air circuit connects directly without modifying the ducts.

For optimal circulation and easy access, we have positioned the water inlet and outlet forward. Obtain a sufficient length of reinforced 3/4 inch diameter hose (Part number BRP 276000099) to connect to the vehicle's cooling system.

CAUTION: Describe wide curves so as not to pinch the hose, which would restrict or even cut off the water circulation.

Fixing: Due to its design and the materials used, the MOTA marine heat exchanger is twice as heavy as a simple freshwater heat exchanger made of welded aluminum sheets. For normal recreational use, check the tether straps for condition before installing them.

CAUTION: For sports or intensive use, it may be necessary to add attachment points and new straps or any other suitable system.

MAINTENANCE: After use: It is advisable to rinse, even with sea water, against the current, the cooling circuit to extract any grains of sand, algae and other debris.

Seasonal Storage: The normal storage procedure prescribed by the manufacturer should be followed. In addition, it is advisable to carry out an annual inspection by removing the two bronze caps after unscrewing the 16 screws with a 5mm Allen key.

The 2 O-rings (Reference WSM: 008-7005) must be changed during each reassembly. Apply Blue Loctite 242 (WSM Part Number: 013-242-01) to the screw threads before reassembly, then tighten the screws to 10Nm (8lbfft) in a crisscross pattern.

By respecting the two installation and maintenance chapters, you will be able to fully enjoy your new MOTA marine heat exchanger for several thousand hours.

WARNING: Your new MOTA marine heat exchanger may significantly increase the performance of your engine by providing more airflow at a lower temperature. It is therefore necessary to adopt a behavior appropriate to your physical level and to the capacities of your watercraft.






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